"Every once in a while, a writer can find a "home" where they are encouraged, and the writer and editor form a kind of a bond. Over time. the support continues to be mutual. All writers search for that. When a writer finds that relationship, the writer does not want to lose that relationship-- they are "home". This is what it is like for me and Sandy, Poppy Road Review, and Flutter Press. Send to where the magic lives." 

~ Martin Willitts Jr, long time submitter and two Flutter chapbooks
"Flutter Press is an excellent little press that gives opportunities to unrecognized but often superb poets, sometimes even completely unknown poets like Marie Lovas. Flutter Press published her stunning collection: My Father's Suitcase."

"Personally, I consider myself fortunate to have had two of my chapbooks, smaller than my collections released by this press." 

~ Nina Romano, Author, The Wayfarer Trilogy
"In a world becoming more and more like the work of a faceless machine, Sandy Benitez stands out as one of those rare rays of light you don't see much anymore. Her heartfelt humanity in everything she does blossoms like a flower in a barren field bringing a renewed faith to all who have the good fortune to find her."

~ Richard Schnap, Author, A Wind from Nowhere
"I have been privileged to have four chapbooks published by Flutter Press, and I can say that Sandy Benitez is a joy to work with. She is prompt, efficient, kind and encouraging, and the chapbooks always look both professional and aesthetically pleasing."

~ Steve Klepetar, Author, The Li Bo Poems
"It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Sandy through the publication of my chapbooks.  Her insights and guidance as well as her amiable communication style minimize any angst that might be associated with the process.  Her expectations are clear, her responses are both timely and encouraging with the final product being a chapbook any poet would be proud to display."

~ Michael Keshigian, Author, Dark Edges
“My experience with Flutter Press was fantastic!  Sandy Benitez was a great editor.  She supported me through the process of editing and getting published, provided a wonderful artist for my book cover, and nominated me for a national prize.  I would totally recommend you submit, and if possible publish, with Flutter Press.”

~ Eileen P. Kennedy, Author, Banshees 
“Flutter Press is a well crafted, top notch press.  The editor is patient, professional and works with the  writer.  I am so grateful for the efficiency and quality of this press.  I am proud to be associated with this press and the integrity of the editor, Sandy.  She is prompt and kind and she works hard to get her writers published.”  

~ Gloria Monaghan, Author, The Garden
“Working with Flutter Press has been one of my best publishing experiences. It is one of the most efficient presses I've come across. My chapbook was taken care of in the most brilliant way at every given step of the publishing process.  The best part about Flutter is that it understands the true value of art, and gives it the respect and time it deserves. It cares for your poems, in every which way.  I feel honoured to be published by Flutter, and hope that it continues to grow by leaps and bounds!”

~ Trivarna Hariharan, Author, The Necessity of Geography
“Having Flutter Press express interest in publishing my chapbook, Archeology, was a dream-come-true.  Sandy Benitez shows what a caring, flexible, and experienced editor is like, even encouraging me to get an ISBN # and provide the design for the front and back covers. When the book arrived I was thrilled with the quality and amazed at the promotion page that appeared on the Flutter Press website. Simply a great experience!”

~ Linda Simone, Author, Archeology
“I have been delighted with the careful attention that Flutter Press has paid to my poetry.  It is impressive that a press would be interested in themes of illness, aging, and death — the subject matter of the two chapbooks of mine that the press has published.”

~ Fred Ehrlich, Author, Near the End of the Voyage
"Speed and care. Two things there aren't enough of in the publishing world, unless you're working with Sandy Benitez and Flutter Press. She replies quickly when you submit, never lets emails remain unanswered, prepares your document thoroughly. Lets you pick a cover design--thanks to Chryss Yost for the help with art--and deals with all the printing set up. My food and drink chapbook couldn't have found a better home."

~ George Yatchisin, Author, Feast Days 
“Had I a Fairy Godmother who was not just a Fairy Godmother, but also practical and knowledgable, she still may not have been as wonderful a midwife into publishing as Sandy Benitez. She is an excellent guide and publisher, always on target with timeframe. Sandy works fast, and works kind. She explains things well and answers questions quickly. Equally important, I felt welcome to the Tribe at Flutter Press.”

~ Elaine Reardon, Author, The Heart is a Nursery for Hope
“I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Flutter Press for publishing my chapbook "The Breath of the Land".  This experience was one of the most professional and smoothest processes I've had in getting a book published.”

~ Bradley Thomas, Author, The Breath of the Land
Love Poems From Hell is my first book published with Flutter Press.  Sandy Benitez, the publisher, is easy to work with and, in fact, provides many good ideas to make the final version of the book both professional and aesthetically attractive.  I would recommend her and Flutter Press to anyone seeking to publish their first or their hundredth chapbook.”

~ Zvi A. Sesling, Author, Love Poems From Hell 
   Editor, Muddy River Poetry Review
“I’m so thankful that Flutter Press accepted my most recent collection. The finished chapbook is beautiful and perfect in every way. Sandy Benitez is the most gracious, knowledgable, and efficient editor I've ever worked with. From acceptance of the manuscript to receiving the finished books, everything worked perfectly. I would recommend Sandy and Flutter Press to any working poet.”

~ David Gross, Author, Little Egypt
“It is enticing to find an editor like Sandy Benitez who sees to the heart of your book with both her attention to details and her timely connections. Working with her was a delight and also a smooth process. I was elated with Sandy’s caring, yet professional attitude. I was also very pleased when I got to pick my cover by my photographer Natasha Hanna. I would recommend Flutter Press to both new and established poets.”

~ Sharon A. Harmon, Author, Wishbone in a Lightning Jar
"As a first time chapbook author, I could not have found a better editor than Sandy Benitez to help me through the process—nor a better press than Flutter Press for publication of the chapbook. From the initial acceptance of Appalachian Woman to its final publication, Sandy Benitez was in frequent contact and kept me informed as to what was forthcoming, what was expected of me, and she gave me more than adequate time to comply. Professional, efficient, and congenial, Sandy Benitez is a "diamond in the rough" world of publication. Thank you for your expertise, kindness, and critical eye.”

~ Luther Kirk, Author, Appalachian Woman
“It's been such a great experience having my chapbook, Breakfast in Winter published by Flutter Press. Sandy is a very supportive and caring editor. She pays meticulous attention to every detail and makes the entire process a joyful one.” 

~ Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas, Breakfast in Winter 
"Working with the editor of Flutter Press has proven to be one of the most positive experiences I've had in regard to publishing my work. Her guidance in navigating the various steps of production proved painless and beneficial." 

~ David Spicer, From the Limbs of a Pear Tree
“Working with Flutter Press was a pleasure. Editor Sandy Benitez is terrific--she reminds me of the visionaries of the small press movement during the mimeo revolution. As author, I got to participate in the process while feeling supported. Flutter Press is based on an elegantly sustainable model. My book had exactly the feeling I was looking for.”

~ Miriam Sagan, The Electric Palm Tree
Sandy Benitez of Flutter Press is quite possibly one of my favorite editors to work with of my four published chapbooks thus far. She gave me many options and made my book of poetry with complete customization and was patient with me in any changes I requested. The process was both efficient and painless, and I'm really excited to have gotten this opportunity.”

~ Linda M. Crate, My Wings Were Made to Fly 

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