Tuesday, June 26, 2018

NEW RELEASE: Eurydice Sings by Sandi Leibowitz

Eurydice Sings is a collection of feminist speculative poetry featuring heroines and goddesses from familiar and newly-forged myths and fairy-tales.  In these pages kitsunes prowl, snow brides refuse to melt, Red Riding Hood's grandmother reveals her unorthodox history, and Isis revels in a mortal love--on her own terms, while Orpheus' muse gets her chance to do more than simply inspire.

Read this lovely review by poet Marianne Szlyk at her literary blog:  TheSongIs


“Are you ready to earn the crimson hood? For those of us who cut our teeth on fairy tales and myths as children, the taste for them never really goes away.  Our appetites only grow more complex—a need to dig deeper, to shred skins that no longer suit, to get to the marrow.  From fox-skinned girls and feathered queens to enduring ghosts and goddesses, Sandi Leibowitz shows us the familiar in new and often uncomfortable ways.  We see our sisters and ourselves here, and we wrestle with the need to speak (or sing, or scream) our truths. Deliciously transgressive, EURYDICE SINGS gives voice to the primal, the vengeful, and the hungry at the heart of our beloved stories.”     

~ Shannon Connor Winward, author of Elgin-awarded winning chapbook UNDOING WINTER and TO THE TOUCH; editor RIDDLED WITH ARROWS; winner of 2016 Dwarf Star Award, 2018 Delaware Division of the Arts Emerging Artist Fellowship in Fiction


Sandi Leibowitz lives with two ghost-dogs in a raven’s wood, next door to bogles in New York City. She works as an elementary-school librarian, and sings classical and early music. She has ridden in a hot-air balloon over the Rio Grande, followed in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims on the trail to Santiago de Compostela, and visited with Arthur in Avalon.   
Sandi invites you to visit her at “In the Raven’s Wood,” www.sandileibowitz.com.

48 pages, 22 poems

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