Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sun Burns by Fernando Izaguirre

Sun Burns is a chapbook of poems about loss, hope, and happiness romantic relationships gives us. Each poem offers the reader insight into the speaker’s troubled and painful relationships he has with different women until he encounters the beloved that gives him the happiness and comfort he has been searching for.


"This is a wonderful chapbook of poems about loves lost and found, the complications of memory, and the immediacy of desire. Fernando Izaguirre writes with honesty, passion and urgency and his poems are a delight to read."

--Kevin Prufer, poet, author of Churches   

"Fernando Izaguirre’s poetry is filled with tenderness, intelligence, and well-chosen words (see: “buttered / her feet,” “tingling strings,” “fresh pine perfume”). He creates dazzling portraits of personalities, whether a lover, a deported father, or children playing “muddy and wet as dirt” on the shore. Izaguirre evokes the Gulf Coast in surprising and fresh ways--driving past refineries at night, “dancing bachata beneath / the streetlights on Texas Avenue,” “enchiladas con arroz y frijoles,” “a deep channel full of cargo ships,” and those ever present seagulls. Imagery and metaphor are this collection’s strengths, often combined into musical phrases, as when seagulls “arrow themselves into the sea” or lips travel on skin “like a river carries a canoe.” In his poem “Hurricane in a Tea Shop,” Izaguirre beautifully renders the phrase, “You looked at me as if / I was the sea.” Later, he writes of how “the words would not leave / the deck of my mouth.” Izaguirre’s poetry is an assured schooner navigating from the earthly, solid shore into the lush, bountiful sea."

--Ericka Jo Brown, poet, author of I'm Your Huckleberry

"Fernando Izaguirre is a poet of great promise, a young writer whose voice is weighted with the wisdom often gained later in life. The settings in his poems range from urban to natural to dreams at times; sincere compositions that explore identity, love and the earthy textures of Mexican ancestry, reflections of the psyche and soul of an emerging artist at the beginning of a winding, thrilling adventure called life."

--Charlie Vazquez, author of Buzz and Israel (2004), Business and Unusual (2007), and Contraband (2010). 


Fernando Rafael Izaguirre Jr., is currently a senior at the University of Houston majoring in creative writing. He plans on attending graduate school to receive his MFA and pursue a career in teaching or as an editor for a literary journal. His poems have been published in various print and online journals such as the Rio Grande Review, The Ofi Press, The Merida Review, Glass Mountain, and Metaphor. His first book of poetry Eloquence was published by Editorial Trance in 2014. He volunteers as a poetry editor for an online journal called Red Fez. He currently lives with his wife in Baytown, Texas.

24 pages, 13 poems

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