Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Poul na Brone: In the Hollow of the Millstone by Sheryl Clough

Sheryl Clough has worked as a teacher, editor, whitewater river guide, paralegal, and egg packer in an Alaskan salmon cannery.  She received her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where she designed and taught UAF’s first writing course linked to environmental literature.  

38 pages, 20 poems

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"Both contemporary and historical Ireland come to life through Sheryl Clough’s masterful linguistic abilities.  Like Yeats, who inhabits some of this collection, these poems are born of music and beg to be read aloud. Lyrical marries imagistic in social commentary rich in culture from the homeless, the pub, symbols, wars, famous writers and storied citizens to the haunting beauty of art and landscapes “unchanged through time’s folded embrace.”  Maith Thú!  Brava!" 

- Ellaraine Lockie, award-winning poet, nonfiction author, educator, Lilipoh Poetry Editor

“Poul na Brone: In the Hollow of the Millstone,” by Sheryl Clough 

Sheryl Clough’s 2017 chapbook Poul Na Brone: In the Hollow of the Millstone, published in 2017 by Flutter Press, is a must read. Ms. Clough’s anthology sings the sweet, sad and holy songs of our Hibernian friends, putting the reader in mind of Yeats’ “Song of Wandering Aengus.” 

This anthology is a universal call for humanity to live in dignity, freedom, love and peace. In this ancient land, Ireland, Clough weaves nature, culture, and history into one poetic fabric, an Irish tapestry that begs to be sung and read out loud. This anthology is genuinely a work of art unique to all of us. We can hear the echoes of the Irish souls, their hearts vibrating throughout the universe. 

Like a grand tapestry on a museum wall, we are given a unique opportunity to view poetic prose which will entice the reader to decipher, enjoy, learn, laugh, cry, and feel all that is uniquely Irish, uniquely human. As we walk with Clough on her travels through the countryside on a heartfelt journey, we meander over hills, pastures, roads, and byways somewhere between then, now, and tomorrow. With our minds and our hearts, we will see things differently, fresh and anew. 

Walk with Sheryl through a beautiful journey. Let’s stop at the pub and drink in the knowledge, and hear the stories as only the Irish can tell them in heartfelt beauty. This will make you ache for more. 

- Vincent J. Tomeo, N.Y.C. author widely published in both the United States and internationally, recently honored by the mayor of Monterosso Calabro, Calabria, Italy for his poem celebrating that town.

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