Monday, October 9, 2017

Ghosts of My Own Choosing by Terri Simon

The theme of Ghosts of My Own Choosing is that we are all haunted by something, whether it's growing up, people living or dead, love, or the choices we make. To some extent we've chosen the things that stick with us, the memories that we visit again and again.


Read a lovely review at Paving My Author's Road.


Terri Simon has degrees from Sarah Lawrence College (Writing/Literature) and Virginia Tech (Computer Science) and works in IT. She lives in Laurel, Maryland with her husband and dogs. She collects fountain pens, plays hand drums, and has more projects started than she will ever finish. Her work has appeared in “Three Line Poetry,” “Black Mirror Magazine,” “Mused,” among others, and the anthologies “A Mantle of Stars: A Queen of Heaven Devotional,” “Bright Stars: An Organic Tanka Journal (Volume 1),” and “Switch (The Difference)” and received honorable mention in Kind of a Hurricane Press’ Editor’s Choice for 2015.

36 pages, 23 poems

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