Monday, July 17, 2017

Seeds by Rodger LeGrand

Seeds is the fifth collection of poetry from Rodger LeGrand. The poems in this collection look at different kinds of transitions—seasons, aging, mortality, the metamorphoses others expect us to make of ourselves for them, and one poem even looks at how a poem might transition and move from open to close. More than any of LeGrand’s earlier collections, this grouping of poems looks at how we find hopefulness in the uncertainty of what might come next.



“If Bacon, Wyeth, or Hopper had used words rather than pigments, these are the works I suspect they would have created. LeGrand's verse is poignant, playful, and always evocative.”

~Michael C. Keith, The Next Better Place

“Rodger LeGrand is an excellent young poet whose work keeps getting better and better.”

~Stephen Dobyns, The Day's Last Light Reddens the Leaves
of the Copper Beech

“LeGrand conveys the rawness of human existence in an understated but self-aware manner that woos the reader with beauty of language as well as trueness of ideas.”

~Heather Cadenhead, The Basilica Review


Rodger LeGrand studied writing at Sarah Lawrence College and the State University of New York at Oswego. He has taught at the University of the Arts, Temple University, North Carolina State University, and the University of Pennsylvania. Currently he teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has four collections of poetry in print—Millions of Ravenous Creatures (Big Table Publishing, 2016), Hope and Compulsion (Big Table Publishing, 2009), Waking Up On a Sinking Boat (Pudding House Publications, 2008), and Various Ways of Thinking About the Universe (Finishing Line Press, 2005). You can reach him at 

28 pages, 15 poems
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