Friday, July 28, 2017

Appalachian Woman by Luther Kirk

Regional in scope yet universal in truths, Appalachian Woman speaks to the reader concerning love, loss, labor, and longing.


“The Appalachian woman who is the subject of the poems in Luther Kirk’s collection is not just any generic Appalachian. She is the woman he knew best—his mother, a woman who “dropped all twelve of [her] young’uns year after year like seed taters on a Good Friday,” a woman who had too much work to do to take time out to send for the midwife, a woman who hauled water and sacks of grain, who planted by the signs and endured. Kirk’s adroit use of verbs and his eye for the just-right image bring the beloved Appalachian woman to life for his readers. The book is a can’t-put-it-down from the “Unmade Bed” of the opening poem to the final note of “She Left.””

~ Connie Jordan Green, author of Household Inventory,
   winner of the Brick Road Poetry Prize


Luther Kirk was born in the mountains of Southwest Virginia in 1945 and has lived in the state all of his life. After retirement from the Virginia education system, he decided to try his hand at writing about his people--the Appalachians. Luther currently resides in Chester, Virginia with his wife Katy and his Cairn Terrier, Bessie Rose. 

34 pages, 25 poems

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