Monday, June 12, 2017

Wishbone in a Lightning Jar by Sharon A. Harmon


"What would I write in a message to my future self? Is the enigmatic question Sharon Harmon’s poetry asks. Each of these poems portrays a window into the landscape of the heart, exploring the whimsy as well as the sorrow it holds. Wishbone in a Lightning Jar is a poetic journey which illuminates and celebrates the poignant moments of a deeply felt life." 

--bg Thurston, author of Nightwalking and Saving the Lamb.

"These words are earthy, tell a story of the wealth in human nature, when you are poor. Where you can find treasures in the woods and heartaches in life. How one dreams but only those with the means ever get close to theirs. The stigma of being poor follows you everywhere even to the church. The family without a father, with brothers to love, struggle and fight with as the years go by. Pain is no stranger and there are new beginnings as the cycle plays like a broken record. This is what one will find here." 

--Paul Richmond, Human Error Publishing


Sharon A. Harmon’s poetry has appeared in Green Living, Silkworm, The Aurorean, Worcester Magazine and numerous other publications, including a chapbook Swimming with Cats (2008). She was the Poet Laureate in 2015 for the 250th anniversary of Royalston, Massachusetts. Sharon is also a freelance writer and writes for Uniquely Quabbin Magazine. Some of her work has appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Caterpillar, Highlights for Children, Birds & Blooms and Millers River Reader. She teaches writing workshops and attends many poetry venues. She lives deep in the woods of Central Massachusetts with her husband and cat. You may see more of her work at Sharon Ann Harmon Publishing. 

31 pages, 27 poems

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