Friday, September 9, 2016

The Heart is a Nursery for Hope by Elaine Reardon

Bestselling Chapbook of 2016
Over 50 positive reviews on Amazon!

The overarching theme of Elaine Reardon's poetry chapbook, The Heart is a Nursery for Hope, is life, in all its quirkiness, from small moments in the day to life changing events. Whatever the heart holds can nourish and transform.


“No moon sails alone in the sky/ the Weaver sits/ baskets at her feet/ creel of silk at hand.”
Elaine Reardon’s poetry enchants the reader as it unveils mystical imagery and a delightful dialog between the inner and outer depths of the soul. Her lively voice invites us into a realm inspired by her artistic background and her deep love of the natural world. I am honored to recommend this lovely collection of her work.  

–bg Thurston (author of Saving the Lamb and Nightwalking)

"Elaine invites readers into her heart's eye which sees the subtle, sumptuous countours of life in it's rich sacred expressions. Her poetry is a metaphorical drinking of life's landscapes that reminds me that life is always offering input, guidance, wisdom and delight when we just let our senses speak."

-Orion Foxwood (author of The Faery Teachings, The Tree of Enchantment, The Candle in the Crossroads

“These poems have a very distinct voice--I would say that there is a clear sense of Irish sensibility, New England mysticism as revealed by the moss under the trees, and deep reverence for that which is here and now. When I read these poems as a fellow poet I find myself spending a long time with each one, because I am curious to follow where Elaine has gone to find each of these moments.”

~Laura Gail Grohe, poet


Elaine Reardon lives in a small corner of the forest in western Massachusetts. She has worked as a holistic health practitioner, an environmental educator, and a special education educator. Elaine also teaches meditation and relaxation techniques to people of all ages. 

Elaine is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators. She published global curriculum though University of Massachusetts Press and has been published in   poetry anthologies. Elaine has won poetry prizes through Writers Digest, and was a finalist in the Poet Seat Poetry competition. Her students have worked to publish Vernal Pool Posters and calendars under her direction. Elaine writes as part of the Cat House Poetry Collective in Western MA.

36 pages, 28 poems


  1. Love the cover, so good to talk to you this summer in Ptown! Hope to see you again and talk about art and poetry.