Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Garden by Gloria Monaghan

The Garden is a book of poems focusing on the aspect of nature and change.  The poems begin with the premise of suffering when change is eminent.  There is  an unrealized desire that most of us think of as sexual. This was the perfect metaphor- it is creation, as without it, change is impossible.  The idea of death, resurrection and recreation are central themes of this collection.


“I like lines of simplicity and elegance like “I imagine the monarch who changes her shape in a month from a small green worm to a splendid thing” (Butterfly over the Garden). Her long Whitman-like lines at times becomes prose-poems. Many of these poems return to the garden again and again, with cardinals and butterflies, such simple pleasures.”

- Martin Willitts Jr, winner of the International Dylan Thomas Poetry Award, and National Ecological Full-Length Contest winner Searching For What Is Not There

"In noticing the gentle detail, the human touch, Gloria Monaghan's poems do not eschew the enrichment of a sumptuous word or academic allusion; neither do they break under the weight of those ornaments. In moments of modest relatability, the poet asks familiar questions in pithy ways: How is it possible? What does it mean? Who walked away? When will I forget? Poetry that ignores people may be itself ignored; these poems do not ignore. These poems please."

- Zachary Bos, New England Review of Books


Gloria Monaghan is an Associate Professor of Humanities at Wentworth Institute in Boston. Her first book, Flawed was published by Finishing Line Press, in 2012. Gloria’s poetry has appeared in Blue Max Review, Fox Chase, Slope, Spoonful, Aries, and 2River. Her fiction has been published in Ezine and The Biscuit. Gloria is working on a book about the spectrum of masculinity, and a collection of short stories. She lives south of Boston with her two daughters.

56 Pages, 41 Poems

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