Friday, August 7, 2015

Persona and Shadow by Stefan Lovasik

Stefan Lovasik’s collection of poems, Persona and Shadow, is an astonishing, sometimes brutal, tender and unflinchingly honest exploration of the consequences, process’ and variable dynamics of how the masks we wear and the depth of the dark aspects of who we are manifest themselves in our daily lives, our experiences, our culture and the redemption of self. It is a remarkable expression of the need and our deep-seated propensity to struggle toward authenticity.


The journey for the warrior never ends… “ I can only speak to you in a voice of 
sharp sticks”, the eloquent speaker of these poems warns us, and though these poems range widely in their concerns, they are always tempered by the hard-won lessons of the journey into darkness and the constant struggle for some measure of light and by a grasp of our language that is able to surprise and delight.  These are not small things.

- Bruce Weigl, two-time Pulitzer prize nominee for poetry:
  Song of Napalm and The Abundance of Nothing

Persona and Shadow by Stefan Lovasik straddles the line between the constructed and the torturous. With a relentless voice and often terse lines, he challenges the reader to enter: “I fashion it with fragments of bone and wire://an image crafted so well, /so clean, /so foul.” These poems speak with unflinching emotion of the territory between what lifts us and what destroys us as humans—brutally scouring political correctness and cowardice. Yet, Lovasik boldly indicts the self in this ambitious struggle to name what it is that turns within us/what remains fixed along the way. 

- Jan Beatty, author of The Switching/Yard

Lovasik’s work highlights the paradoxes of human experience; his is the voice of both an outsider and a trustworthy guide. We need poems such as these; they reflect who we truly are.

- John Amen, author of strange theater

About the Author:
Stefan Lovasik is a musician, chaplain and U.S. Army veteran. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the Atlantic, BuffaloX, the Commons, Frameworks, Gravel Literary Magazine, the Hanley Arts Quarterly, James Street Review, Main Street Rag, Meat for Tea: the Valley Review, Poet, Of(f)course, Rattle and Uppagus.
He lives with his wife in a rural county outside of Pittsburgh, Pa.  For further info and to inquire about readings, please go to

42 pages, 24 poems - Purchase Persona and Shadow

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