Monday, September 1, 2014

Dark Edges by Michael Keshigian

The basic theme of the poetry centers around what we witness and/or endure in life, those dark edges of stress, loss, or trauma and the questions those events raise which are difficult to comprehend or answer, making us, at times retreat into the world of dreams and imagination for the sake of solace or self preservation.  The contents reflect divisions of angst, dreams, and loss.


"With rich and visual language, the first lines of Michael Keshigian’s poetry transport the reader into the poem. One sees the lakeshore he describes or is engulfed by the forest in which he wanders, all while the character and circumstances develop in just a few lines.  Michael Keshigian demonstrates that poetry can be complex without being obscure."

--Roy Dorman, Submissions Editor, Lake City Lights

"Michael Keshigian has a gifted pen, and a command of instantly evocative imagery with unexpected words, just my thimble of thallium."

--Philip Vermaas, Editor, Misfits Miscellany

Read a review from Roy Dorman of Lake City Poets.

About the Author:

Michael Keshigian is the author of eight poetry books and chapbooks, Eagle’s Perch (Bellowing Ark Press, 2012), Wildflowers (Flutter Press, 2011), Jazz Face (Big Table Publishing, 2009), Warm Summer Memories (Maverick Duck Press, 2007), Seeking Solace (Language And, 2007), Silent Poems (Four-Sep Publications, 2004), Dwindling Knight (BoneWorld Publishing, 2000), Translucent View (Four-Sep Publications, 2000).  His poetry has been widely published in numerous national and international journals, anthologies, and a variety of periodicals and online publications. He is a 5-time Pushcart Prize and 2-time Best Of The Net nominee. 

48 pages, 34 poems

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