Monday, August 18, 2014

Archeology by Linda Simone

Why the theme Archeology?

“I am the archaeologist of love. I’m digging for the bones of a loved one I shot and buried decades ago.”
          --Jarod Kintz from Love Quotes for the Ages 

What is love if not one continual dig into the shards and fragments, the moments and pieces we collect to make sense of our lives? In Archeology, I juxtapose poems based on real archeological finds with poems about a variety of modern-day experiences that serve to reconnect people, both dead and living, and renew family bonds. In the writing of these poems, I was amazed at what can be learned about love from the unearthing of side-by-side skeletons in an ancient Italian town.  Or how easy it is to feel the concern of a prehistoric gatherer when her mate hasn’t returned from the hunt. I was equally surprised to discover that eating a plum or losing sight of a child in a busy store or the simple act of replicating a family recipe could be the way in to primal feelings and experiences…what I believe makes us human.

Linda Simone’s first chapbook, Cow Tippers, won the 2006 Shadow Poetry Chapbook Competition. Her 15-poem sequence, “Stations of the Cross,” appeared in the anthology, Alternatives to Surrender, and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her poems have been widely published in print and online journals and anthologies. Her essays have appeared in the New York Times, and on the Italian Americana website, “Foods of Affection.” Moon: A Poem, a book written for young children, was published by Richard C. Owen Publishers. She is an aspiring watercolorist and has been exploring life in New York City for the last 10 years.

42 pages, 27 poems

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“Like a master weaver, Linda Simone pulls the motif of archeology throughout the poems in this intricately structured collection.  She skillfully juxtaposes historical and personal events, letting them play off and highlight each other.  In these well-crafted, sophisticated poems, she takes us to such places as China, Paris, Italy, and Russia, a journey which leaves us saying, along with the speaker in ‘Hugging Skeletons,’ Tonight I grasp / archeology like never before.”

—Diane Lockward, award-winning author of The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop and three full-length poetry collections

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  1. Thanks to high school English and Hallmark, 'poetry' often gets a bad rap. Well, New York poet and artist Linda Simone is out to change that with her crackerjack collection, ARCHEOLOGY. While the title provides the volume's organizing conceit, and she touches on some actual historical finds, Simone's after far juicier and more riveting game - unearthing the truths of the human heart - which she does with a poignancy and deftness that left me amazed. I first read Archeology during a recent trip to Italy, where some of the poems are set, and found it so moving that I reread it on the flight home, and again a few weeks back. Like all good art, and wine, a little aging made the poems even more evocative and compelling. If you're a fan of great writing, grab a copy, crack open a bottle of your favorite Brunello, and savor poetry the way it's meant to be, rich, and full, and fun.

    Louis Spirito - Author, Gimme Shelter