Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Landscaping by Changming Yuan

There is lush beauty and fierce restraint in the poetry of Changming Yuan. He has a finely-honed sense of nuance, a sensibility that embraces both nature and  mankind. The musicality of his words draws us in, its intimacy lingers in our hearts. “Close your eyes,” he writes in Landscaping, “Stay still/ And you can feel/ The moon’s silver needles/ Softly pointed/ Penetrating tranquility. . . .”

--Susan Terris, Author of Ghost of Yesterday: New & Selected Poems and Editor of Spillway & In Posse Review

At his best, Changming Yuan's writing both thinks and feels poetically. Add to this his subtle and bold incorporation of wisdom (a very rare commodity in western literary circles today), and we have someone and something interesting on our hands.

--Sebastian Barker former Editor of the London Magazine Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the University of Middlesex

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