Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Prayer in a Summer of Grace By Nina Romano

Prayer in a Summer of Grace captures memories and moods by Nina Romano in a series of lyrical poems that touch our deepest sentiments.  It is a celebration of language.  Every small detail and each grand emotion is encapsulated poetically for the reader to savor.  This is poetry about life, the simple life that becomes more complicated the closer we examine it.  

I just spent an afternoon with Nina Romano. She rolled out the red carpet and served me her finest tea and most sumptuous sweets: her poetry!  I am in her grand parlor—savoring the meal of her meaningful and artistic words. Each poem well-crafted, refined, exquisite!  

In the title poem, she shares, “I cease my hushed footfalls on the forest duff; / Break the eve’s silence with an utterance...”  This collection is beyond an utterance, it is a celebration of the power of words and a testament to the fine palate of Nina Romano, who serves us on her very best china.  

—Anastasia Clark: Confetti Stampede, Vagabond Pond, Skeletons and Other Complaints. 

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