Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Father Had Another Eye by Steve Klepetar


“The intimacy of a father/son relationship can skate the surface or plummet the depths. In “My Father Had Another Eye,” Steven Klepetar takes us on a journey to the bottom of the sea. These well-wrought poems serve as our diving bell where we fathom the essence of what is best in family connections--the legacy of care, concern and honor for the other. With Klepetar, it comes sometimes in fits and starts: “My father flits at the window, beats my glass”; other times, it travels a path like sound waves endlessly streaming to stars as subtle as “a pair of whispers heard at twilight.” These poems bring us to what is best within ourselves, what is most precious in our personal heritage”  

~ Joseph Lisowski, author of “Near the Narcotic Sea,” “Stashu Kapinski Looks for Love,” and others.

34 pages, 25 poems

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