Retired Books

#63 - Failure is Unimportant by Harry Calhoun

#51 - How Love Conquers the World by Harry Calhoun 

#38 - The Insomnia Poems by Harry Calhoun 
#37 - Last Call for Casablanca by Gordon Mason  

#32 - Amsterdam & Other Broken Love Songs by Kyle Hemmings 
#31 - Bedbugs In My Mattress by Sergio A. Ortiz 
#30 - Marriage Vows and Other Lies by George Bishop 
#29 - Rhapsody of Fallen Objects by Robert Scotellaro
#28 - Thunder Jar by Rebecca Anne Renner 
#27 - Dreams of Dali by Stephanie Smith 

#26 - Fire and Honey by Jennifer Hollie Bowles 
#23 - Sailing Across Hemispheres by Anna Jaquiery 
#17 Something Real by Harry Calhoun 
#16 - Breakfast in Winter by Carol Lynn Grellas 
#13 In Spite of Her by Karen Kelsay 

#12 - Beneath a Black Pearl Sky by Sandy Benitez 
#11 - fanTHAIsies by Dr. Charles Frederickson 
#10 - Stealing Daylight by Nydia Rojas 
#9 - BiPolar Express by Marina Julia Neary
#7 Baskets of Tomorrow by Martin Willitts, Jr.
#6 - An Insatiable Desire for Deja Vu by Bebe Cook 
#5 At the Tail End of Dusk by Sergio Ortiz
#4 - Fourteen Songs of Despair & An Unwritten Love Poem by Alex Stolis
#3 If I Told You to Jump Off the Brooklyn Bridge by Joseph D. Reich
#2 - Something to be Said by Kenneth Pobo 
#1 - Visiting the Dead by Howie Good 


  1. Dear Sir/Madame,

    My name is Michael Dennis, I am a published poet from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

    For the last two years I have been posting a regular blog about books of poetry I like. I try to post a new blog/review/appreciation every other day. My blog is called "Today's book of poetry".

    Thus far I've posted 284 blogs/reviews of books from over 130 different small presses.

    My blog has been seen by over 75,000 readers. Today's book of poetry has been read by viewers in over 125 countries.

    We would very much like to include your titles on our blog.

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    1. Dear Michael,

      Thanks for your interest in Flutter Press. Of course, any extra exposure for Flutter Press' chapbooks would be greatly appreciated not only by the press but the individual authors as well. Not to mention, an honest review of the author's poetry collection. Please email me at to discuss this further.